New Full-Spectrum
“Super Micronized Turmeric”
Unlocks Rapid Response Bio-Availability

140 Times More Absorbable Than Ordinary Turmeric In Its Natural Form

…Utilizes an enormously-effective “micronized delivery technology” which is 140 times more absorbable than turmeric found in its natural form … now available in the U.S. for the first time!

New delivery technology means Getting More of turmeric’s

remarkable health benefits.

Why Micronized Turmeric Is Now Considered

One Of The Most Powerful Full-Spectrum

Supplements on the Planet

In the last few decades over four thousand publications have published articles and studies on turmeric’s extraordinary health benefits. (1) An internet search now turns up over 33 million hits on this amazing plant! But even more fascinating is the fact that turmeric has a remarkable history of traditional health and healing usage dating back to the beginning of time. (2) Turmeric is the king of “I told you so” plants modern medicine is just now discovering.

The Scientific Benefits of Turmeric Include:

Helps Protect Brain Cells

Turmeric locates, dissolves and destroys irregular proteins within the brain helping to maintain robust brain cell health. This minimizes brain plaque according to studies, a primary contributor to memory loss. (3)

Helps You Maintain a Positive Attitude

University research reveals compelling new evidence that turmeric can protect against mood swings and mental instability. (4) Lives change when the brain produces an attitude of accomplishment.

Aids In The Support Of Healthy Cardiovascular Function

Turmeric prevents the aggregation of platelets and can keep blood clots from forming unnecessarily on artery walls. (5)

Helps Maintain A Healthy Inflammatory Response

Research demonstrates Turmeric to be an extremely potent antioxidant. Fighting free-radicals with antioxidants like those found in turmeric can reduce or even help prevent damage inflicted by oxidative stress. (6)

Promotes Radiant Skin

Studies point to turmeric as an effective inhibitor of elastase, which is an enzyme that prevents the formation of elastin. (7) Elastin is a protein similar to collagen that supports the natural beauty, texture, and elasticity of your skin.

Enhances Detoxification

Turmeric as a detoxifier helps your liver to remove dangerous toxins and heavy metals which can lead to sickness and poor quality of life. (8) Detoxification is vital in an increasingly toxic world.

New Delivery System Designed To “Shuttle” Powerful Turmeric Compounds To The Entire Body!

Helps Eliminates Waste And Profoundly Increases Delivery Efficiency

Almost all oral supplements (including curcumin and turmeric supplements) are not absorbed well by the human body. Dr. Joel Wallach talked about this in his book “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” written a few years back. According to Dr. Wallach and other researchers, you only absorb a small percentage of nutrient benefits from many capsules and pills because most of what goes in to your digestive system… gets “processed out” and are unfortunately flushed down the toilet.

The problem starts with stomach and small intestine. Pills and capsules are immediately “degraded” by bile and digestive juices and then rapidly pushed through the digestive system without being fully absorbed. In fact, according to a study reported in the Journal of Cancer and Nutrition, only about 5 percent of powdered turmeric taken orally actually yields the chemical compounds that provide health benefits. Think of it… only 5 percent!

The result is a very expensive “flush”. With our micronized delivery system however, you get…

Full-Spectrum Turmeric Compounds Delivered To Your Entire Body!

Here’s the important thing: Our micronized turmeric delivery system is designed to deliver hundreds of powerful … full-spectrum turmeric compounds… much faster and much more efficiently into the bloodstream. After all, that’s where the health-related “heavy lifting” takes place.

The key to getting bio-available turmeric compounds into your bloodstream then is to dramatically reduce the particle size. The particles are absorbed faster and many researchers believe that micronized particles function much more effectively than other forms of turmeric. (9)

Full Spectrum Turmeric And it’s Beneficial Compounds Under A Microscope

Micronized “full-spectrum” turmeric means maximum whole-body bio-availability in minimum time.

New research demonstrates that micronized “whole root” turmeric delivers up to 140 times more bio-available compounds and constituents than conventional supplements.  

We’ve Unlocked The Powerful Chemical Compounds In Turmeric By Utilizing a Unique Extraction Process

How the product is created in the processing facility is fascinating.  The technicians begin by using wild-crafted turmeric only (which is extremely hard to find) that contains absolutely NO GMOs, NO inorganic fertilizers and NO pesticides whatsoever.

They then take the organic turmeric and using a special distillation process … extract and purify it to 10 times the plants original strength.  This creates a proprietary super-concentrate that is then put into our particle processor for micronization. It’s here that the particles are dramatically reduced in size and surface area of the particles  expanded.  This step is repeated seven times and produces a cascade of “Micro-Particles” as a by-product of the process.

This is to insure micronized particles can be instantly absorbed by the human body. It also means that the finished turmeric produced in this manner is much more effective at producing high-speed anti-inflammation activity. Interestingly, because of the size of the particle, if you place even  a drop on your tongue… it goes to work immediately reducing inflammation in your body.

Thus, the unique formula produces a safe “pain relieving” and anti-inflammatory effect which is…  so effective… one customer wrote to tell us he’s nicknamed the new product… Lightning In A Bottle!

Some of our customers now call it... “Lightning in a Bottle”

Why does it work so fast and why is it so effective? The secret, of course, is the micronization process and the ingenious way the wild crafted turmeric is made bio-available at the cellular level. The biggest secret though, is using whole food turmeric that has not been synthesized into curcumin.

You see, when modern science attempts to reduce down or synthesize what God has given us through the natural world as a whole plant… it produces bio-chemical imbalances that often create even more health problems. The fact remains that “whole plants” maximize and optimize your body’s own ability to fight off and destroy issues like inflammation among other health complaints. Therefore, using whole plant, full-spectrum turmeric promotes the utilization of all of the curcuminoids found in turmeric in their proper ratios, maintaining the perfect balance the Creator so graciously gave us.

Another benefit is a potent antioxidant which enhances and provides “insurance” that your body’s own natural inflammation fighters remain at a continuous high level.

Traditional Use of Turmeric

Turmeric has a very long history of medicinal use, dating back 4000 years to the Vedic culture in India. Ancient records reveal its use in Africa and China as well. In fact, Marco Polo described the turmeric he found in China as more valuable than gold.

In Sanskrit, turmeric has at least 53 different names. Here are just a few:

  • Rabhangavasa -which dissolves fat 
  • Kashpa - killer of worms
  • Jayanti - one that wins over diseases
  • Jawarantika - which cures fevers
  • Varavarnini – that which gives fair complexion
  • Vshagni - destroyer of poisons

The Best Turmeric In The World!

Indian turmeric is considered to be the best in the world. And in India, the absolute best of the best is found in the Southern area between the city of Erode, (known as “Turmeric City”) and Kerala, which is a little over a hundred miles away. That’s the spice region. It’s also worthy to note that it is this region of India (and not the Himalayas as previously thought) that people live the longest. In fact, the oldest woman to ever live in India recently died at 112. Her name was Kunjannam and while still living she was listed as the oldest woman living in India according to the official Limca Book Of Records.

Research shows that rural Indians like Kunjannam who consume turmeric on a regular basis are 4 times less likely to get Alzheimer’s than Americans.

The turmeric produced here is argued by many to be the most powerful in the world when it comes to fighting and potentially reversing many health problems. In fact, turmeric is now scientifically referenced more frequently than any other medicinal herb on the planet. 

If you have seen the Bourne Ultimatum movie, which was filmed a little North of the region near the town Goa you will recognize the region’s rich flora.

Modern Research Confirms What Ancients Healers Already Knew!

Web MD researched the numerous turmeric studies and concluded that the following conditions may benefit from the use of turmeric. In fact, there are so many conditions that turmeric may benefit that there isn’t room to list them all, but here are just a few:

Full-Spectrum Turmeric Can Produce More Benefits
In Much Less Time Than Isolated Curcumin!

Two kinds of turmeric supplements dominate the supplement market:

  • Isolated curcumin
  • Full-spectrum turmeric

Here’s the problem with isolated curcumin: studies show that it's poorly absorbed by the body. (18) This is true of many isolated compounds. Tests have also demonstrated that some curcumin supplements contained roughly 50% of the curcumin compounds stated on the label.

Studies show Isolated curcumin supplements

are less effective than whole root turmeric.

Full spectrum turmeric has over 150 chemical compounds and constituents that work together “synergistically” producing far superior health benefits.

Why Is Full-Spectrum Turmeric Superior?

Full-spectrum turmeric contains the entire range of chemical compounds that work “synergistically” to produce a superior effect. There are over 150 chemical constituents in turmeric according to the Journal of American Chemical Society. This is why Mayo Clinic has labeled turmeric a “functional food”.

Many of the reported health and healing “miracles” that come from using turmeric, are most likely produced by turmeric’s full-spectrum chemistry.        
Always use Full-Spectrum Turmeric when you need life-changing results.

10 Amazing “Research-Backed” Turmeric Benefits

10 More Remarkable
Turmeric Benefits

  • 1

Research shows that turmeric contains 400 times the strength of metformin (a well-known anti-diabetic medication) when it comes to triggering AMPK an enzyme and “therapeutic target” for type 2 diabetes. (19)

  • 2

45 subjects with rheumatoid arthritis were examined to measure the effects of the curcumin (found in turmeric) over against diclofenac sodium, a commonly used arthritis drug. The group using turmeric demonstrated the largest amount of improvement and did so without any side effects. (20)

  • 3

Taking turmeric with its active chemical compound, curcumin aids the liver in effectively detoxifying the body and could even relieve some of the health issues caused by harmful carcinogens. (21)

  • 4
    SKIN health

Turmeric improves the condition of the skin by actually enhancing its glow and luster. Additionally, turmeric accelerates the process of scar and skin healing as well as other damage to the skin. (22)(23)(24)(25)

  • 5
    Blood CLots

Lab research conducted on animals has revealed that turmeric reduces platelet formation and possibly even cuts down on the potential for clots to develop. (26)(27)


  • 6

The scientific journal Oncogene has compared the anti-inflammatory effects of aspirin and ibuprofen with turmeric and found turmeric to be a superior anti-inflammatory compound to them both. In fact, Oncogene has placed turmeric among the best anti-inflammatory agents in the world. (29)

  • 7

According to a new study done at UCLA, subjects taking curcumin from turmeric improved memory by 28 percent over 18 months. Improvements in mood were also mentioned in the study. (30)

  • 8

Recent research in the field of Phytotherapy demonstrated that curcumin from turmeric can regulate depression at the six-week mark as well as PROZAC®. (31)

  • 9
    some cancers

Several cancer laboratory studies in the UK have shown that curcumin from turmeric has some anticancer properties. According to the studies curcumin has shown to kill cancer cells as well as prevent more from growing. Turmeric does seem to work better on stomach, bowel and skin cancer cells.


  • 10

According to a published study by the Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications, Curcumin gel (from turmeric) relieved psoriasis when combined with antibiotics and topical steroids. Remarkably, after 16 weeks, 72 percent of the study participants no longer displayed any psoriasis symptoms. (33)

There are over 10,000 peer-reviewed articles and

studies now published that establish conclusively,

turmeric’s remarkable health benefits. 

Turmeric can make your 

skin actually glow.

The absoThe absolute best part about turmeric is that it’s well-researched and incredibly potent. lute best part about turmeric is that it’s well-researched and incredibly potent.

The absolute best part about turmeric is that

it’s well-researched and incredibly potent.

It’s easy to understand why turmeric has helped so many people.

Here’s What International Researcher,
Dr. Scott Treadway Had To Say:

“Practitioners in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda have been prescribing turmeric for centuries, knowing the power of turmeric benefits. Over 10,000 peer-reviewed studies exist examining its effectiveness for a huge number of issues thanks to all the wonderful turmeric benefits.

Here’s What Other Scientists, Doctors and Researchers Are Saying:

“It is a combination of clever chemistry and nano-precipitation utilising host guest chemistry,” Pan explained. “The sophisticated chemistry leads to self-assembled hierarchical structure that drives the solubility of curcumin and simultaneously delivers an additional anticancer agent, i.e. platinum. The combined therapeutic effect — of curcumin and platinum — is lethal for the cancer cells.” The team has reported its work in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” in the US. - Dipanjan Pan

“Turmeric is a ubiquitous ingredient in home remedies for ailments ranging from infections to arthritis. A mixture of turmeric and milk (haldi-doodh) has been used as a traditional cure for bone fractures. Modern science has shown that curcumin, the primary component of turmeric, possesses anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.” - Prof. Kaushik Chatterjee

"We've been experimenting as a family eating turmeric and now you're seeing turmeric in coffee, in juices, and I think it's a really earthy product and something that's new and good for your health. - Researcher Anthony Rehbein

“If a pharmaceutical company could come up with a pill like this, it would make billions of dollars. Supplement companies sell one of the components of turmeric, called curcumin. However, as always, it's a mistake to isolate an individual component of a healthy food, thinking that is the "magic bullet." Curcumin has not been shown to have all the benefits that the whole food turmeric does.” - Dr. Michael Greger

Great News! – This Is Not An Ordinary Turmeric Supplement!

Obviously, this is not an ordinary curcumin or turmeric product. It is very unique and is truly extraordinary. So much so that …
If you follow the simple instructions and use the product as directed… YOU WILL … be using one of nature’s most potent substances with the potential of yielding remarkable health benefits.

However, there is a trend in the country to assign “miracle status” to almost any drugs or nutritional supplements. Therefore, before you use turmeric (especially one that works as fast and as effectively as this one) you should get advice from your physician or pain management specialist before discontinuing opioid or other pain drugs.

Also, you and your physician should work together to determine your personal anti-inflammation or other goals as well as how fast you can return to physical activity after your inflammation goals are achieved.

You should also know that turmeric should NOT be used if you are pregnant, have gallbladder issues or have bleeding issues. In addition, it’s probably a good idea to stop taking turmeric three weeks before any scheduled surgery.  And always consult a healthcare professional when using potent supplements like micronized turmeric.

But listen, your life and your pain are serious issues for YOU. That’s why…

If Our Micronized Turmeric Doesn’t Bring You Extraordinary Results And “Blessed Relief”-No Matter Your Health Conditions May Be
You Don’t Have To Pay!

Here’s what we mean by that…

Because this product is so incredibly effective… and… because it is natural and so safe… it is being sold with the most amazing guarantee in the world. Check this out: Take the product as directed and follow the simple instructions which come in the package. Then, after a week or two of use… you’ll wake up each morning, feeling the mental and physical results of true and genuine…  “blessed relief” … right before your eyes and in your very bones!

You will be totally thrilled with your safe and dramatic results. However, if you are not satisfied in any way, simply return the empty product container with a short note about how you took the micronized turmeric (twice a day) and followed the simple instructions … and then… Powerful Living (the only company authorized to sell the product in the U.S.) will send you… double your money back!

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